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by: Bloomberg News

RGT strives to keep our clients and prospective clients informed.  Below is a link to a Bloomberg News article posted in Investor News that we think you will find interesting.


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by: RGT Wealth Advisors


RGT was featured in DMagazine in November 2015.


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by: Mark McClanahan, CFP®

Congress is shutting down two successful Social Security claiming strategies that can potentially add thousands of dollars in additional income over a couple’s lifetime. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 was signed on November 2, 2015. The good news: for those who move quickly, these strategies can still be utilized.


A Brief History


Available since 2000, The Senior Citi…

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by: Matt Krauss, CFA and Mark McClanahan, CFP®

Evidently, it’s tough to be a stock-picking mutual fund manager today.


The Wall Street Journal reports¹ that investors have shunned actively managed funds, preferring the lower expense alternative of passive or unmanaged funds that replicate such indices as the S&P 500.


Independent research firm, Morningstar, confirms The Wall Street Journal’s assertion by report…

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